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Our company "Akres - A" sells and supplies industrial wood and molded products. We offer high quality products made of larch taiga, pine, cedar, basswood and aspen: lining, OSB / OSSB, flooring, parquet boards, decking, block-house, imitation timber and etc. The main advantages of our products are high durability, environmental friendliness, high moisture resistance, excellent sound and heat insulation.

Besides, the company is an official dealer of Finnish adhesives and lacquers "KIILTO", which distinguish aspects include high quality and environmental friendliness. We offer adhesives for wood, parquet lacquers and putties. We also offer central vacuum cleaner BEAM Electrolux, which will help to create the perfect atmosphere at your house.

At the moment, the company has offices in different regions of Kazakhstan (Karaganda, Talgar Taldykorgan, and Shymkent), where a wide range of our products is offered. You can get online consultation on our website or call to our office in Almaty, where our managers will be happy to advice you which material is better to choose.


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